About the PTA Council


The mission of the Pleasanton PTA Council is to empower and support its units and members as we promote the purposes and benefits of PTA, foster membership, develop leadership and lead advocacy efforts on behalf of all children and families to improve lives and promote excellence in education.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide training and support for Pleasanton units and members    

  • Provide local training for our unit board members
  • Encourage attendance at District trainings and State Convention for Council and unit board members
  • Work with PUSD Adult Education to provide Parent Education opportunities


  • Fall and Spring Council trainings
  • Parent Ed Speaker Series

Goal 2: Improve communication with units to keep their board and members well informed

  • Explore new methods of communicating with board members to increase communication effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop a repository for best practices of Pleasanton PTAs
  • Encourage units to communicate more effectively with their members

Goal 3: Develop Leadership Capacity

  • Build relationships with unit board members
  • Identify possible Council leaders and mentor them
  • Encourage leadership diversity and inclusion at the Council and unit level

Goal 4: Promote membership by retaining existing members and attracting new members

  • Encourage and train units to conduct membership campaigns and programs
  • Promote the purposes and benefits of PTA
  • Share resources available from National, State and District PTA
  • Train units to be inclusive and encourage diversity
  • Work with the District on the PUSD Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Form a Council Special Needs Committee
  • Encourage the formation of new PTA units in Pleasanton


  • PTA Shops Ptown Program
  • Founder’s Day

Goal 5: Promote advocacy for units and families

  • Communicate to all members PTA’s legislative priorities, positions and procedures and the importance of advocacy
  • Encourage attendance at the annual State PTA Legislative conference
  • Share with units legislative updates that affect children and education
  • Share opportunities for members and units to get involved in advocacy

Goal 6: Support and encourage a quality and complete educational experience for the children of Pleasanton

  • Encourage and support arts in education
  • Encourage and support excellent educators


  • Excellence in Education
  • Reflections