PTA Shops Ptown Facts

Program Basics: 
The PTA Shops Ptown program was established to support our local Pleasanton business community, our schools, and our Pleasanton PTA members. Participating businesses offer a discount to PTA members or make a donation to PUSD (Pleasanton Unified School District) or PPIE (Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation) * when members show their PTA membership cards while making a purchase. The amount of the discount or donation offered is at the discretion of the participating business owner/manager. In exchange, the Pleasanton PTA Council publicizes the participating businesses to their 5,000-plus Pleasanton PTA members on the Pleasanton PTA Council website and through local PTA schools’ member communications.

* Donations are tax deductible for the participating business to the extent allowed by law and must be remitted promptly. For more information on PPIE please go to their website at

Brick-and-mortar businesses are provided a PTA Shops Ptown window decal to be displayed in the business window to designate them as PTA members and participants in this program. The decal is provided by the Pleasanton PTA Council upon acceptance in the program.

To enroll in the program: 
A business owner or manager must be a PTA member at a Pleasanton PTA school. If you are already a paid 2012-2013 PTA member at a Pleasanton school, then there are no fees to join the PTA Shops Ptown program. You only need to complete the PTA Shops Ptown Enrollment Form.

If you are not already a Pleasanton PTA member, then the business owner or manager will need to join one of our schools’ PTAs. We encourage parents to join their child’s school’s PTA. If you don’t have children in a Pleasanton PTA school, you may join any PTA in Pleasanton. To join, you will need complete membership section on the Enrollment Form and submit the form and appropriate membership fee with your form. Membership fees range from $10 to $18 (see Enrollment Form for specifics).

The PTA Shops Ptown Enrollment Form needs to be mailed to:

Pleasanton PTA Council
PO Box 1065
Pleasanton, CA 94566-1065

Upon enrollment and approval into the program:
Pleasanton PTA Council will notify you by email when your participation in the program is approved. Participating businesses will be included on the PTA Shops Ptown page of the Pleasanton PTA Council website ( In addition, participating businesses’ information will be forwarded to our PTA schools in Pleasanton. The school PTAs will disseminate this information through their community newsletters, email announcements, and/or websites to our 5,000-plus Pleasanton members.

Program limitations: As a nonprofit organization, PTA can’t ask members to buy products, make qualitative judgments about products or endorse any business or product. However, PTA communications will include the participating business’ name, logo, address, telephone number, web and/or email address, business/product description, and discount or donation offered to PTA members.

Due to the mission of the PTA, businesses that primarily sell firearms, tobacco, liquor (such as liquor stores) or adult content material, would be unable to participate in the program. Businesses such as restaurants that primarily sell food would be eligible to participate in the PTA Shops Ptown program. As the largest child advocacy organization in the United States, the overall mission of the National PTA is threefold; to be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

Any questions about the program, please contact Madelyn Conrad, PTA Shops Ptown Chair.