Amador Theater

The Amador Theater is not in good shape. The balcony is currently closed due to problems with the exterior fire escape ladders. This reduced seating capacity by over one third, from 570 to 370. During the bond effort in 2020, a $5M estimate was developed to fix the fire escape ladders.

The theater, built in 1932, was upgraded in1988 to comply with the 1933 Field Act which enacted earthquake resistant construction standards. Unfortunately, neither original construction documents, nor upgrade documents could be located. Therefore, any new work would require the theater to be built to modern construction standards.

The City of Pleasanton, as the official owner for the theater, commissioned a study in 2022 to estimate costs for rehabilitation and for new construction. This report is presented below, and shows that the cost to upgrade the theater increased to $17M from the original $5M, largely due to the need for seismic upgrades.

It should be noted that the New Construction cost of $21M is to rebuild to the original scope. The Facility Master Plan scope, estimated to be $34.8M, includes additional items deemed appropriate for the school's educational requirements. Details for the new scope can be found in the District fact sheet below.

Report from City of Pleasanton

Copy of Amador Theater Facility Assessment-Estimate 20220426 (1).pdf

District Fact Sheet

Copy of Fact and Information about the Amador Valley Theater (1).pdf