Founders Day

Annual Founders Day Celebration

Thursday, February 1, 2018, 11:30 am to 1 pm

Handles Gastropub

Founders Day is a time to renew the dedication to the purposes of the PTA that were defined by PTA’s founders more than a century ago, on February 17, 1897. Each year in February, PTA honors the three founders - Alice McLellan Birney, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, and charter member Mrs. David O. Mears - as well as past and present PTA leaders.

Issues concerning immigrants, homeless children and families, the unemployed and the uneducated, and numerous health and safety concerns still need attention. However, through PTA advocacy to enact and enforce laws, children’s health is better protected and children are better fed, housed and educated, with parents more involved in their upbringing. The vision of PTA’s founders has been realized in many ways, and now it is up to current PTA members to continue the vision.

At our annual celebration of the founders of PTA, the Pleasanton PTA Council typically recognizes some special individuals with Honorary Service Awards. These awards may be given to an individual or organization in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth. The awards are made possible by our organization's donation in the award recipient's name to the scholarship fund of the California State PTA.

Recipients of Honorary Service Awards


Regina Stoops


Susana Lopez-Krulevitch

Laurie Walker-Whiteland


Steve Maher (Golden Oak Award)


Kelly French

Rosa Isela Torre


Diane Van Wagner


Debi Covello


Parvin Ahmadi

John Clatworthy


Carl and Marilyn Palowitch

Glen Sparks (Very Special Person Award)


John Casey (Golden Oak Award)

Joan Laursen

Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation (PPIE)-Debi Covello accepting


Lynn Gatehouse

Jamie Hintzke

Pleasanton Schools Educational Enrichment Foundation (PSEE)-Denise Watkins accepting


Erika Ben

Sally Dickinson

Sandra Lepley


Debbie Look

Ken Mano

Suzanne Young


Jim Hansen

Vicky Reinke (Golden Oak Award)


Jill Buck

Jerri Long

Tanya Ludden


John Casey

Juanita Haugen