Measure I1 - 2016


Measure I1 is a Pleasanton school bond which passed in November 2016 by 69.1%. The bond provided $270M for facility improvements covering about 1/3 of the $856M in needed upgrades. After the passage of I1, the District produced a revised Facility Master Plan (FMP) which was previously updated in 2013. This FMP, completed in June of 2018, provided a more accurate way to direct the implementation of bond funds.

Initial Timeline and Schedule from FMP (2017 - 2024)

Funding from Measure I1 would be achieved through the sale of bonds (issuance) over time in segments of approximately $70M. This process was expected to span 8 to 10 years. Construction schedule was estimated to take 73 months, with completion in January of 2024.

Progress as of 2022

Bonds for the entire amount of Measure I1, except for the hold-back of $35M for the elementary school scope, have been issued and allocated to specific projects. This puts the bond sales two years ahead of the initial timeline.

Development and construction has been carefully reviewed by the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) and their annual report for 2021 issued in January of 2022 shows good progress. Details and photos of the I1 projects are available on the District's Facilities web page.

The independent auditing firm, CWDL, issued Financial and Performance audit reports for 2021. The audits found no financial issues or questioned costs, and that funds were spent only on voter approved projects.